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Navigating complex challenges for social profits

Welcome to The Discovery Group

The Discovery Group is an international consulting firm based in Vancouver, Canada, dedicated to the social profit sector. We believe that social profit organizations can change the world. Since 2017 it has been our mission to help social profits across the globe achieve their vision and elevate community impact. We work side-by-side with our clients to help them envision change, determine how to make it happen, and put the necessary tools and skills in place for success.






We Strive For Exceptional

We are driven to help ideas, people, and social profit organizations be exceptional. Most often, we serve our clients as they face significant moments of inflection in the life of their organizations. Beyond going the extra mile, we work shoulder-to shoulder to chart the terrain and plan for the journey. We look for ways to add value beyond what is typically expected in a consultant/client relationship. As a team, we provide perspective, expertise, and actionable solutions, as well as a healthy dose of positivity and humour along the way.

We Lead With Compassion

The work of the social profit sector isn’t always easy, and things don’t always go as planned. We meet our clients and colleagues where they’re at and choose to sit on the same side of the table, shoulder to shoulder. Through active listening and demonstrable respect, we align with clients and colleagues to define the challenge, consider the options, and find the right path forward together.

We Are Always Learning

We believe growth and improvement makes life and business exciting and challenging. We research, learn, actively listen, participate, and volunteer, surrounding ourselves with smart, ambitious, and inspiring people. Synthesizing and sharing what we learn adds depth to our practice. Supporting leaders in the social profit sector requires a commitment to curious inquiry.

The biggest thing is that TDG simplifies things. There are a lot of choices to be made in this business, not only from messaging and strategy but from a stakeholder engagement piece. TDG brings it back to basics. They are good at balancing governance and fundraising for the Board and are great as facilitating Board engagement. You are getting wisdom and intelligence with the bonus of someone who understands the sector.

Wendy BeauchesnePresident & CEO, Alberta Cancer Foundation

When I started at U of S, there were new roles and little structure. TDG helped me build a structure and to focus on the areas of greatest importance with the clarity of what would help achieve my goals. Like so many in our sector who face the pressure to produce a campaign, there was a lot that needed to happen. If it wasn’t for our work with TDG, we wouldn’t be ready for a campaign. They sped up the growth of our organization. TDG played a key role to make sure we had an appropriate structure in place, had the right materials and tools for cabinet and staff.

Danielle DunbarChief Development Officer & Associate Vice President Advancement, University of Saskatchewan

The TDG team is highly respected for their knowledge and experience and the facilitation of Board engagement was a benefit as they set out a good, smooth process, managed people well, and we got the outcomes we were looking for as they helped kick us off at the right place.

Michael McKnightPresident & CEO, United Way of the Lower Mainland