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In the circle of life, there is a defined beginning and a defined end. And in between those bookends, there are millions of moments. At the instant of a diagnosis of a life changing illness, we become acutely aware that these moments are both finite and precious. Even in the face of the inevitable, we still have life to live.

We have moments to cherish, important conversations and reflections to share with loved ones, and laughter to fill the spaces in between the sorrow, loss, and grief.

Palliative Care Society of the Bow Valley (PCSBV) understands that in this transitional place, little things aren’t so little. Every decision matters. We surround grief with compassion, warmth, and support, so the focus can be on the moments that truly matter.

Founded in 2016, PCSBV is a registered charity and community-led organization, working to improve the end-of-life experience for individuals and their families who call the Bow Valley home.

PCSBV is on a growth trajectory, with significant changes happening across the organization.  Mostly notably, it is on the threshold of a unique and incredible opportunity: building the first dedicated Centre for Palliative Care and Hospice in the Bow Valley.

A fundraising campaign for the Centre is underway, and to leverage and capitalize on this climate of opportunity, PCSBV has created the role of Director of Philanthropy to enhance and grow our burgeoning fundraising activities, build on our momentum and successes, and complete the campaign.

This is an unparalleled opportunity for someone looking to build a relatively new program in a unique and growing organization, and:

  • is excited by the prospect of leading a $25 million capital campaign to completion;
  • wants to be part of building an innovative and unique organization;
  • can bring a depth of experience to a small and nimble group;
  • is motivated to establish a career legacy that impacts people deeply during some of the most meaningful and challenging times in their lives.

For more information or to apply, please get in touch by email or fill in this confidential form.


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    Desired competencies:

      • Passion for our mission.
      • Entrepreneurial and creative.
      • Nuance and political savvy of working in a small community.
      • Both a strategist and do-er; proactive and keen to engage the community in the life of the Society.
      • Authentic and fun; can balance the seriousness of the work with levity to be human and humane.
      • Collaborative, nimble and adaptable to work in a small organization.
      • A supportive coach to effectively leverage volunteer resources.
      • Donor centric and highly accountable.

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