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BC Emergency Health Services Foundation (“BCEHSF”) is the fundraising arm of BC Emergency Health Services (“BCEHS”), one of the largest paramedic and ambulance services in North America, providing emergency call-taking, dispatch, and paramedic health care services to all people in British Columbia as part of the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) Emergency Health Services Act.

The Foundation:

  • improves mental health support and educational programs for paramedics;
  • funds high-quality research and innovation; and
  • strengthens ties to rural and Indigenous communities through fortified education and outreach.

The opportunity exists to revitalize and transition the BCEHSF.  Working together, BC Emergency Health Services in close partnership with Provincial Health Services Authority PHSA, is ready to launch the BC Emergency Services Foundation’s trajectory to becoming a vibrant, and thriving Foundation, by moving from being  nested within PHSA to a fully independent and thriving Foundation.

BCEHS and PHSA leadership are committed and excited to provide full administrative, communications and financial systems support for incoming Interim Board Leadership. With current net assets (approx. $2M) growing consistently year over year, BCEHSF is well positioned to invest in the necessary costs required to ensure successful operations.

A vital first step in the revitalization is to recruit three Interim volunteer Board members to lead this important transition beginning in April 2024. This newly formed Board will play a pivotal role in leveraging our existing fundraising abilities, manage the transition to an independent Foundation, and hire and onboard new Foundation staff leadership.  All of these will combine to position the Foundation for a stable and vibrant future.

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