About Us

The Discovery Group is a national consulting firm dedicated to the social profit sector. We believe that social profit organizations can change the world. Since 2017 it has been our mission to help social profits achieve their vision and elevate community impact. We work side-by-side with our clients to help them envision change, determine how to make it happen, and put the necessary tools and skills in place for success.

Who We Are

We pride ourselves on being a consulting firm that specializes exclusively in the social profit sector. Our team of experts comes from the field with deep knowledge, understanding and expertise of the work that you do. We consist of former CEOs, Executive Directors, Fundraisers, Lawyers, Board Members, Researchers and Communicators all of whom have worked in the social profit sector. Our team members are passionate in supporting you to advance your mission so that we can collectively tackle societal issues.

Who We Work With

Our clients become our partners. We believe success can only happen through partnership built on trust, respect, and commitment. The Discovery Group works together with our clients toward a shared mission through united dedicated effort. Although our clients come from different areas of the sector, they all share one common trait. Bravery. They are willing to do the hard work, defy the naysayers, make meaningful change, and create lasting impact.

Why We Believe in Social Profits

At The Discovery Group we believe that the terms “not-for-profits” or “non-profits” are a disservice to our sector. The word “profit” is defined as “a valuable return; a gain; a benefit derived.” Through the lens of this definition, we believe “not-for-profit” organizations are generating significant profits. Financial profit is only one type of profit. Equitable educational opportunities, better access to healthcare, increased community services – these are all a form of profits. We call these social profits.

Our Values


We want to help ideas, people, and social profit organizations to be exceptional. We believe we do far more than simply provide service to our clients. We are of service to our clients as they face the moments of inflection in the life of their organizations. Beyond going the extra mile, we work shoulder-to shoulder to chart the terrain and plan for the journey. We love to serve people beyond what is typically expected in a consultant/client relationship. As a team, we provide perspective, expertise, and support for every project.
It started with the idea that at a minimum everyone should strive to be pleasant. But the work of the social profit sector isn’t always pleasant. We meet our clients and colleagues where they’re at and choose to sit on the same side of the table whenever possible. Through active listening and demonstrable respect, we align with clients and colleagues to define and address challenges.
We believe growth and improvement makes life and business exciting and challenging. We’re always reading, learning, listening, growing, taking action, surrounding ourselves with smart, ambitious and inspiring people. Synthesizing and sharing what we learn adds depth to our client work. Supporting leaders in the social profit sector means there is always more to learn.